Results / Deliverables

Below is a list of publications related to the project. You should also check the Demos section to get some illustrations of these works.


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International conferences

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National conferences

[1] E. Ferreira, A. Reiffers-Masson, B. Jabaian, and F. Lefèvre, “Optimiser l'adaptation en ligne d'un module de compréhension de la parole avec un algorithme de bandit contre un adversaire, 31èmes journées d'etudes sur la parole,” 2016. [ bib ]
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[4] B. Jabaian, L. Besacier, and F. Lefèvre, “Approches statistiques discriminantes pour l'interprétation sémantique multilingue de la parole, taln 2013.” [ bib ]

Technical reports

[1] J. Fix and H. Frezza-Buet, “Yarbus : Yet another rule based belief update system,” tech. rep., CentraleSupélec, 2015.; Source code : [ bib ]

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